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V&T proponent chains self to track to raise cash

by Susie Vasquez

Time is running out on a deal to get four miles of track from the Reno train trench project. And the Gold Hill Historical Society’s Kim Fegert is fit to be tied – to the tracks, that is.

About $100,000 is needed to transport and store the track, salvaged from the trench project. To seal the deal, organizers must have the money by Dec. 31.

Fegert chained himself Thursday to a short span of rail he built on Virginia City’s C Street, and he said he isn’t leaving until he earns the money. About $55,000 has been raised, and he’ll be there “as long as it takes.”

“We’ve got most of the money, but we want to finish it up,” Fegert said. “We need a little extra to make sure the deal goes. We’re also trying to get a little more for engineering so we can lay the track.”

The Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway, the Historical Society and others are working to rebuild the track from Gold Hill, where it presently ends 17 miles from Carson City.

This track is expected to shave about $500,000 off the estimated $40 million needed to complete the project. By Thursday afternoon, Fegert had collected about $350, the donations ranging anywhere from $5 to $150.

“I’m tickled to death,” he said. “A couple of people heard about this through advertisements, and a few were just passing by.”

Fegert said he’ll be happy talk to anyone about trains or the project, donation or not.

“We’re also trying to encourage people to shop in Virginia City,” he said. “They’re supporting our project, and we want to support them.”

Mayor Ray Masayko said the Commission will do everything possible to ensure the success of the Historical Society’s project, including supplementing money raised thus far.

“Recycling the rail makes good sense,” Masayko said. “He’ll get his rail.”

For a donation of $50, the Historical Society is awarding a special certificate and two samples: one of the original V&T telegraph wire and a piece of tunnel wood from tunnel No. 3.

Those who donate $100 will get their names on a plaque to be displayed near the Gold Hill Depot in addition to the certificate and relics.

For a donation of $125, the Society adds a copy of a video documentary about the history of the V&T, Virginia City and Gold Hill.

“The documentary isn’t not out yet, but anyone who donates that much or more will receive one of those also,” said Richard Feutz, vice president of the Historical Society.

The Nevada Commission will also have a supply of their commemorative coins on site. Displaying the historic Inyo engine on one side and Nevada’s state seal on the other, each coin will contain one ounce of silver and bear the CC mint mark. The coins cost $48 and the money will support this project.

Fegert said all donations are tax deductible. For information or to donate, call 847-0140.

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