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Walker River predicted to reach peak on Friday

A revised forecast by The National Weather Service in Reno has provided Lyon County official more time to complete protective measures to the Walker River area.

The river is now forecasted to reach a peak of approximately 2500 cubic feet per second by Friday

Lyon County Manager Jeff Page said, “it doesn’t mean that we are out of the woods yet and that the public should continue with their protective measures and those measures should be kept in place for the weeks to come.

“This summer will see a lot of water running through the Walker River and any significant change in weather or debris build up could create a flooding situation. Lyon County and the City of Yerington will continue monitoring the river and working with the National Weather Service to keep the public informed.”

Page says all processes for warning, evacuation and response are in place. He said he is hopeful that they won’t have to be used, but “its way too early to let our guard down.”