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Want a second job? Nevada’s the worst place to look


For Nevadans looking to moonlight at a second job, a Bureau of Labor Statistics report released Monday signals that may be easier said than done.

The Silver State ranked No. 51, with 3.7 percent of its workforce 16 and older working more than one job in 2008. The national average was 5.2 percent, with Nebraska and North Dakota tying for No. 1 at 9.8 percent.

Nevada’s low rate, however, likely does not mean many Nevadans are content with just one job. Instead, many would probably like some extra income but have few employment choices given the state’s high jobless rate, said Tom Zhu, an economist with the BLS in San Francisco.

“Not only is it harder to find that first job, it’s a lot harder to find that second job,” Zhu said.

Nevada’s unemployment rate increased from 5.9 percent in January 2008 to 8.7 percent in December that year. In November 2009, the latest unemployment data, the state’s jobless rate stood at 11.8 percent.

Zhu said other factors also play a role in Nevada’s low rate of multiple job holders, including a longer than average commute and a relatively low cost of living.

As for North Dakota, which like other plains states has a high rate of multiple job holders given its large agricultural economy, “there are simply more jobs being offered,” Zhu said.

The November unemployment rate in North Dakota: 3.7 percent.