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Washoe sheriff proposes unpaid days off to meet budget

Associated Press

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Washoe County Sheriff Dennis Balaam is proposing department employees take one unpaid day off per month in an effort to help balance the budget.

The move would save nearly $2 million over the next year and avoid the need to lay off 30 people, including personnel in patrol, detectives, booking and the jail, the sheriff said.

“We would be able to provide the same level of service. Safety would be the same in these times of homeland security and terrorism,” Balaam said. “And no one would lose a job.”

Union officials said they would consider the option.

County officials have told Balaam to cut another $3.5 million from his budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1. Balaam has already cut $1.6 million from his spending plan.

The sheriff also proposed rolling back cost-of-living raises and asking employees to forfeit merit and longevity increases. But he also said the department needs to share the burden of cutbacks equally.

“I feel taxpayers have paid their money. We, as a team here, need to come together. Everybody equally needs to take a bite out of the apple.”