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Water back on at Bryan Building in Carson City

Water at the Bryan Building on Stewart Street was back on Friday afternoon after repairs to the supply line feeding the building.

Michael Johnson of Public Works said the leak was discovered Monday when water was seen pooling on the surface outside the building. B&G crews excavated to expose the pipe and it was repaired by Summit Plumbing on Monday evening and after the glue joints cured, water service was restored Tuesday morning.

Johnson said the pit was left open to dry on Tuesday and Wednesday but, on Thursday, crews preparing to backfill the hole spotted a defective joint dripping water. He said water service was left on until Porta-Potties were delivered to the building Friday morning.

He said the water service was turned off and the leak repaired. He said Friday the with no new leaks the water was back on midafternoon Friday. Barring any new problems, Johnson said the pit would be backfilled and the job completed by Saturday morning.