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Waterfall Fire-Damaged Landscapes Information

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

Some trees and shrubs will survive even if they appear severely scorched and dead. The extent of injury to trees with thick bark may not be evident for several months or a year.


— Contact your insurance company prior to removing any landscaping. Your policy may cover more or less than you think. Arborists are qualified to appraise your landscape, but the appraisal cost may not be covered by insurance. Ask if your insurance company will contact a qualified arborist or if your policy warrants an appraisal.

— If the tree is an immediate hazard: Contact your insurance company. Take photos of why the tree is a hazard. Remove it before it falls, causing injury or damage

— Some trees (willow, poplar, aspen) will resprout when they appear burned. If the above-ground branches are dry and brittle, remove them, and they may resprout. If the branches are bendable, they may produce new growth.

— Large, mature trees, especially pines, may push out new growth through charred bark and burned foliage. Pines will usually die if the bark has split and separated from the main trunk, if the bark thickness was severely reduced, or if wood under the bark is exposed from the bark being burned off.

— Irrigate all trees you are attempting to save.

Call Greenhouse Garden Center (882-8600) or Molly Sinnott, certified arborist (884-1883) for more information. Sinnott provided this report.