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Wendovers take water fight to federal court

SALT LAKE CITY — A lawsuit over water sales in twin towns straddling the Utah-Nevada border has shifted from state court to federal court.

Wendover, Utah, sued West Wendover, Nev., in April claiming that the Nevada town cut off the Utah side’s water sales to the Stateline Nugget Hotel and Gambling Hall. That move allegedly put Utah’s Wendover in danger of defaulting a $3.4 million bond to build a water treatment plant and million-gallon reservoir.

Wendover, Utah, alleges that West Wendover, Nev., officials threatened to revoke the Stateline’s liquor license if the casino didn’t use Nevada water.

Elected officials on both sides of the state boundary decline to discuss the particulars of the case, which has been assigned to federal Judge Ted Stewart.

Until its sales were stopped in December, Wendover had supplied the casino with water since the early 1930s.