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We’re looking for the best spots to watch the fireworks

One of the hot questions this time of year is always “where are you going to watch the fireworks?” With Independence Day quickly approaching, residents of Northern Nevada are making plans for the Fourth of July.

Whether it’s camped out on a hillside or watching from the beaches of Lake Tahoe, everybody thinks they have the best spot to watch the fireworks. Well, here’s your chance to prove it.

Write or call the Nevada Appeal and tell us where to find the best fireworks watching spot in Northern Nevada. Send your spot, along with why you think it’s the best, to editor@nevadaappeal.com or call 881-1261 by 5 p.m. Friday.


Bonnie Rogers, of Carson City, got a phone call that sounded to her like it was too good to be true. She turned out to right.

Rogers got a call from a man claiming to represent the Internal Revenue Service telling her that because she was a timely taxpayer, she was eligible for annual government grants of up to $10,000. All they needed, the man said, was her bank name, routing and account number and address and they could have the money in her account in less than a week.

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The first question, the man said, was how to spell her name.

“I said, ‘you’re the government, don’t you already have my name?’ That made me suspicious,” Rogers said.

The caller also gave her a phone number that was disconnected, an address in Ormond Beach, Fla., and told her she could go online to http://www.usgovernmentgrants.org. She told the caller to send it to her in writing and he quickly hung up.

“I want people to just beware. Some people will let the greed get them and I just don’t want anybody to get stung by this scam,” Rogers said.


Helen Warner has lived at her house near the Dayton Valley Country Club for 10 years, but what happened to her on Wednesday night was a first.

She woke up Thursday morning to find the large planter pot in her front yard missing and after calling the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department, realized she wasn’t the only one.

“The sheriff’s department said there were others and they are going to start watching the gate,” Warner said. “This thing was too heavy and too big to carry and put in a car, you’d have to have a dolly to move it.”

Warner said she had another pot containing an evergreen that was apparently too heavy even to move with help.

“That thing hasn’t moved since we put the dirt and the tree in there; it’s staying put,” Warner said.

It still baffles her that someone would take the plant, especially in a safe neighborhood.

“I’ve had benches and plants in the back by the golf course and nothing has ever been missing before,” she said.