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What about flying with gels, liquids?

Andrea Sachs
The Washington Post

Since the Transportation Security Administration started restricting carry-on items in August, travelers have been befuddled over the definition of gels and liquids. If it jiggles, is it a gel? What if you can eat it with a spoon? And can you still squirt your Easy Cheese at cruising altitude?

“You can’t compile a conclusive list,” TSA spokeswoman Amy Kudwa says. “If you have any question about a liquid or gel that does not fit in a three-ounce container in a clear quart-size bag, then check it.”

The rules keep evolving, but for now, liquids and gels are allowed through airport security if they’re packed in a three-ounce or smaller container, then placed in one quart-size, zip-top plastic bag.

The only exceptions are baby formula and breast milk (but baby must be on board, too), prescription and over-the-counter medicines, essential liquids for disabled passengers and other medical-related gel or liquid items. If you’re carrying any of these products and they exceed the three-ounce limit, pack them in a separate plastic bag and declare them to TSA officials at the checkpoint for extra inspection. Keep medications in their original packaging and include the prescription.

Now for the harder part: pudding, lip balm, pressurized cheese, et al. For makeup and food, as long they fit the size parameters, go ahead and toss them into your carry-on. That includes snacks from home, such as yogurt and Jell-O. Pressurized cheese and sundries such as peanut butter, jams and soup generally are not permitted, but only because they are sold in bigger cans and jars. Also on the “no” list are half-empty containers larger than three ounces, such as rolled tubes of toothpaste (even if they squish to three ounces).

The rules apply mainly to pre-security items. Once you’re in the secured area, you can buy duty-free items, drinks and eats, and toiletries – and carry them onboard like the olden days.

For more information on the TSA rules, go to http://www.tsa.gov.