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What happens during Legislature will have lasting impact

The following editorial appeared in Wednesday's Record-Courier:

Monday marked the opening of the Nevada Legislature. Whatever happens in the next four to five months will be the result of a group of people who will go home, hopefully, late next spring, and take up their regular lives and deal with as citizens what they devised as legislators.

Those in the throes of the debate will occasionally resort to name calling, and the worst name of all, “politician,” will be the most common invective.

But Nevada’s lawmakers aren’t the sort of career politicians typically associated with the worst of the breed.

For the most part, they’re amateurs at the job they’re taking on.

As professionals there are a couple of ranchers, a Web master, a few doctors, not as many attorneys as someone might anticipate and a lot of retirees. There are some teachers in the mix and some businesspeople. It is a broad enough sample to hear everyone’s enlightened self-interest.

Many are longtime residents with ties to their communities and people back home they will have to answer to for what happens in the next four to five months.

That’s because what happens in Carson City doesn’t even come close to staying there.

We wish the lawmakers, both new and returning, the best of luck with their endeavors during the coming term.

We get the feeling that we’re going to need all the luck we can muster.