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What question would you ask the presidential candidates?

The Nevada Appeal asked six residents what questions they would ask the candidates at the presidential candidate forum this week.

“What are the candidates going to do to help the middle class? We have a widening between the haves and the have nots and the middle class is stuck with the bill.”

Trent Dolan


Carson City


“Why can’t ex-felons vote? Everybody should have the right to vote.”

René Almanza

heavy equipment operator

Carson City


“Why are you more qualified than the others? Because I think it’s a tough choice between all the qualified candidates.”

Sandy Paul


Douglas County


“I’m concerned about the environment so I want to know where the candidates stand on environmental concerns. Because George (Bush) doesn’t believe there’s a problem with the cutbacks at the national parks and with oil (consumption).”

Nancy Patterson


Carson City


“Why are legal immigrants like myself denied the right to work when we could be contributing to the economy and taxes while we wait for our paperwork? People like myself have gotten married and have to wait to work. I’ve been waiting six months.”

Karen Lemos

Library volunteer/IT administration

Carson City


“Is there anyway it (the Iraq war) could be a winning situation? The war has divided a lot of people.”

Rich Littlefield

freight driver

Washoe Valley


Rich Littlefield

freight driver

Washoe Valley


“How do the presidential candidates feel about the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump? And how do they feel about our trade tariff on imported ethanol?”

Al Kramer

Carson City Treasurer

Carson City


“Are you coming here because you need the votes or are you here because you care about Nevada?”

Zac Moyle

executive director, Nevada Republican Party

Las Vegas