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What to do before the ski season?

Susan Wood

When the temperatures drop but the snowpack rises, many people turn to the more uncommon activities in a skiing town.

Knitting, renting movies, watching football, swimming in an indoor pool – South Lake Tahoe residents and visitors stayed inside in droves Sunday afternoon as the mercury sank with a dusting of snow.

“If I’m not on the slopes skiing, I’m here,” said Max Harlowe, who sat around a table knitting with others at the Wool Tree needlework shop.

Since the temperatures dropped this fall, the store has seen an influx of people coming in to plan fall-winter projects.

There are reasons to knit, aside from the appealing, sit-by-the-fire image conjured up by those who endure brisk winters.

For seniors, knitting can keep the fingers nimble – especially if one is susceptible to arthritis.

“My doctor told me to never give up knitting,” said Wool Tree owner Bonnie Lincoln.

Staying in during the winter doesn’t have to mean being inactive.

Across the way, Mary Steele of Los Angeles snubbed the slopes Sunday and took her workout indoors.

“You need more snow,” Steele said, stating the obvious.

Caesars Tahoe Pool & Spa was packed Sunday.

Vincenzo Vecchiola Jr. talked his father into taking him to the indoor pool,

“It’s all about the weather for us. When it’s not nice outside and the ski conditions aren’t there, people tend to flock inside,” said Greg Osborne, general manager of the Riva Grill.

He glanced at two men from Reno who were watching football at the bar.

A family of four sidled up to a table next to the fireplace.

Many locals were drawn to the pool tables at Classic Cue.

“We get more tourists during the day when the weather is bad and they’re not skiing,” said Tony Tofanelli, a 10-year employee of the billiards place. “But the roads need to be clear.”

Today at Tahoe, temperatures are predicted to drop to a high in the lower 40s with a 40 percent chance of snow, the National Weather Service reported.

The snow level, which has gone up to 9,000 feet, is expected to lower to 6,500 feet.

Meteorologists expect a few inches at the lake level through today, followed by a dry period Tuesday through Thursday.

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