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Who was Bob Boldrick?

Ronni Hannaman
The Bob Boldrick Theatre stage is shrouded in plastic while workers renovate the theater's seating area in late December.
Anne Knowles/Nevada Appeal

“Who is John Galt” is the opening line of the Ayn Rand’s most popular novel, “Atlas Shrugged.”

In Carson City, the question being asked by the general public now that the spotlight is on the revitalization of the Bob Boldrick theater is “Who is Bob Boldrick?”

Since Bob Boldrick died on June 2, 1990, there are not many around to remember that he was the all-around go-to guy who oversaw that stage productions went smoothly. That same job is being held today by Eric Klug.

Bob was born in San Diego in 1951 and after he married Deborah Rae Savel in 1977, he moved from San Diego to Carson City to work within the theater. He was only 39 when he died. Today, he is buried in Lone Mountain Cemetery and his widow and two daughters — Cynthia and Rebekah — relocated to Oregon.

Though there is not a visible sign identifying the Bob Boldrick Theater, there is a plaque dedicated to the memory of Bob Boldrick that reads, “The sights and sounds in this Theater Reflect the Commitment this man had in Making each Production a Unique and Enjoyable Experience for the People of Carson City. His memory Lives on with Every Performance.” Dedicated September 4, 1990.