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Whose line is it anyway?

Sam Bauman

Diversions Editor

BAC Stage Kids are doing improv and they’re doing it in a delightful, ad lib fashion – like the big kids in casinos.

The Improv Kids do it a little differently than the big folks, though. To them, it’s a community project. Just about everybody gets involved in everything. And here’s the cast:

Jake Reid, Jacob Nicholson, Jeffrey Lambin, Rachel Lambin, John Henry Lambin, Ashley Smith, Tracy Morris, Danita Bayer, Jayme Foremaster, Melissa Coyle, David McComb, Jon Josten, Lauren Smith, Stephanie Benson and Melissa Whitcomb.

The Kids are being helped by veteran standup comic Gerry Orton of the Tahoe Improv Players and the music is by Dave Fabrizo. Pat Josten is the producer.

Oh, yes, there’s one more actor – the audience. Those in the seats will be asked to join in and become part of the act.

And it’s all improvisation. The Kids have taken part in a workshop at the Brewery and they’ve rehearsed – sort of – during the week.

But it’s all ad lib except for formats like “Park Bench.” That’s where two Kids sit on chairs facing the audience while two more Kids get behind them and stick their arms under the armpits of the front Kids, who let their arms rest on their legs.

The effect can be slapstick as the front Kids ad lib their way through and around topics, while the back Kids match arm motion to the dialogue.

Then there’s “Two Lines of People,” in which Kids call out options – brushing your teeth, walking the dog – and other Kids respond.

And how about “Snow White.” During this segment one Kid starts the story and then Orton points to another Kid, who picks up the story and so forth. The Kids have to be sharp to embellish the story line.

Asking Orton how the show is shaping up, you get the right answer. “Don’t know. It’ll all be improvise.”

Comedy fans can get their laughs at the Improv Kids’ presentation at the Donald W. Reynolds Theatre at the Brewery, 449 W. King St. Friday and Saturday nights at 7. Tickets are $5 at the box office or call 883-1976.