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Wildhorse Children’s Theater presenting ‘Junie B. Jones The Musical’

Roslyn Williams sings during a dress rehearsal on Monday for Junie B. Jones, Jr. The Musical.
Jim Grant | Nevada Appeal

The Wildhorse Children’s Theater is bringing back the memories of childhood and the woes of first grade with its production of “Junie B. Jones The Musical.”

The production, adapted from the popular book series by Barbra Park, follows spunky first-grader Junie B. as she navigates her way through all the troubles of growing up. From getting new glasses to losing friends, the musical explores the issues everyone experiences in elementary school.

“It is an uplifting family show and it deals with all the topics of growing up,” Director Carol Scott said. “It is all those things that kids deal with and they are those moments that as an adult we remember, it’s the things that make up the kids’ worlds.”

The production is filled with original songs about getting a new journal, making new friends, the popular lunch lady and more.

“Junie is spunky and sassy and her shenanigans are a good lesson for kids about friends and family and overcoming obstacles.”— Director Carol Scott

The cast and crew are hard at work, running through their final dress rehearsals this week in preparation for opening night today. There are 75 kids in the show from ages 5 to 18, all pretending to be first graders.

“This is such a talented group of kids,” Scott said.

And Scott said the production is fun for the whole family, for all ages.

“Junie is spunky and sassy and her shenanigans are a good lesson for kids about friends and family and overcoming obstacles,” Scott said.

The kids run the show, they do the tech, spotlights, set design and more. Scott, along with a choreographer and musical director help keep the show on track and running smoothly. The kids have been rehearsing since January on the production, learning the choreography and songs.

“They are excited, the community is excited about this show,” Scott said.

The kids all audition for their parts, but no one is turned away from the show. Anyone who wants to be in the production gets a spot somewhere.

“Everyone gets in the show because if you have enough nerve to audition then you deserve to be on this stage,” Scott said. “It is amazing because some kids are shy in the auditions and then they just blossom by the end.”

For the community, Junie B. Jones The Musical brings the magic of theater in a funny, entertaining way.

“Parents should bring their kids so they can experience the theater, kids too often are on their electronics and don’t support the live theater,” Scott said. “It is just fun and uplifting and energetic show and it is good for kids, parents and grandparents to attend.”

The show is today and April 27 at 7 p.m., Saturdays April 21 and 28 at 2 and 7 p.m., and Sundays April 22 and 29 at 2 p.m. at the Brewery Arts Center Performance Hall.

For more information visit http://www.wildhorsetheater.com.