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Wishes do come true

Rhonda Costa-Landers
Rick Gunn/Nevada Appeal Single mother Victoria Ostin, right, hugs Toys for Tots volunteer Pat Wyble after receiving a host of Christmas gifts, including toys, school supplies, bicycles, food, haircuts, movie and restaurant vouchers Wednesday.

It was the first time a Christmas wish list had been found in a Toys for Tots collection box in Carson City.

The list could easily have been discarded, but someone cared a little too much for that.

Maybe it was the request for a family portrait, a furnace filter, or for prayers for unity, love and faith.

“The letter came in Monday in a collection box,” said Dave Wyble, area coordinator for the Toys for Tots program. “We’re not sure what location it came from, but it was from Carson City.

“Toys for Tots only does toys, but this letter is so heart wrenching. … I told my wife, Pat, to see what she could do about getting donations.”

After checks to be sure the letter was genuine, Pat Wyble and Toys for Tots volunteer Jo Misuraca quickly went to work. The two women visited and called businesses to ask if they would help.

They got gift cards from Wal-Mart, Sizzler, Wallace Theater movie certificates, Safeway, Rapunzel’s Salon and Hoopla Salon for haircuts, Big 5 Sporting Goods, the Grocery Outlet, and help from AC Delco Auto Parts and Rainbows R Us Daycare.

After delivering gifts to the home of Victoria Ostin and her sons, J.J., 13, and Brandon, 11, the volunteers soon found out the chain of events.

On Dec. 10, Victoria was in an auto accident that caused damage to the front end of her Dodge Intrepid. Being a single mom with one income, Ostin was devastated.

“I just knew this was it,” she said. “I can just make ends meet month to month.”

Ostin’s husband walked out on the family 16 months ago, after a 15-year marriage.

She then wrote out the Christmas list. The family needed socks and gloves, groceries and haircuts. She also asked for passes so they could attend a movie together and for a family portrait.

“I gave the letter to the police officer after I was in the accident,” Ostin said. “I asked if he knew of any agencies who adopted families for Christmas. He put the list under his notepad and said he would take care of it.”

Then Misuraca found the list at the bottom of a box Monday afternoon.

“When Pat and I got a hold of it, we went running,” Misuraca said.

“I didn’t expect anything to happen,” Ostin said with a tear. “They could have easily thrown it away.”

Brandon got a large set of colored pencils and art supplies. Like his mom, he enjoys drawing.

“I do both paint and pencil (drawings),” Brandon said.

“He’s very good,” Victoria said proudly.

J.J. was surprised at the boxes of gifts and food brought into the home. They also received one of the decorated Christmas trees from Christmas on the Capitol.

“We didn’t know it was going to happen,” J.J. said. “This is great.”

“We have to count on each other,” Ostin said of her family. “They’re pretty responsible boys.”

“This is our way of giving a little more in the community,” Dave Wyble said. “We’re taking that extra step.”

A longtime volunteer with the Toys for Tots program, Misuraca was as excited as a child on Christmas morning to deliver the gifts.

“This is like the cherry on top of a sundae,” Misuraca said. “It is special.”

Action Frame and Alignment and AC Delco Auto Parts are helping with repairs to Ostin’s vehicle.

Ostin’s Christmas Wishes


Socks and gloves

Movie passes so we can see one together

A family portrait

Hair cuts

A filter for my furnace

Prayers for unity, love and faith

For everybody to give somebody the benefit of the doubt just one time

A radio so we can listen and dance and laugh

Hope in ourselves, in each other, in our neighbors, in our future

Dinner at a nice restaurant together, like Sizzlers where there’s steak and ice cream

A skateboard for my son

Art supplies for my other son

My car to be fixed