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WNC instructor to be featured at Reno Comic Con

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Western Nevada College instructor Daryl Frazetti is a featured speaker at the third annual Reno Comic Con at the Sands.
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Students of Daryl Frazetti have an opportunity to see their Western Nevada College instructor in a different light today and Sunday in Reno.

Frazetti, a WNC mathematics instructor and an author, will share his fascination with superheroes, science fiction and comics as a featured speaker at the third annual Reno Comic Con at the Sands Regency Reno.

His interest in superheroes began while watching Superman on TV with his father. As an 8-year-old, Frazetti was captivated by watching cartoons and reading comics. Before long, the Caped Crusader wedged his way into his life and remains there to some extent to this day.

“I became quite taken with Batman via the ’60s Adam West reruns we got on our local station, and as a kid, I had to have anything Batman,” Frazetti said. “I have been involved in science fiction and comic fandom since age 8. There is a strong attraction to the sharing of a common interest, and especially to the nonjudgmental, all-accepting environment.

“Today, Batman is still a big part of my personal life and personal philosophies. In recent years, I have learned to appreciate the social messages, the life messages in comics. Comics are also something I classify as contemporary myth.”

Frazetti is scheduled to speak several times during the weekend convention, including at 2 p.m. today on the Anthropology of Star Trek. His interactive discussion explores cultural themes, themes of individuality and Star Trek’s cultural impact. Frazetti will also discuss Star Trek as a contemporary myth, as well as speak on the highly diverse subculture of fandom.

Frazetti will also speak on the Anthropology of Science Fiction at 11 a.m. today and lead a Geek to Geek forum at 11 a.m. Sunday.

“Science fiction and comics helped shape a good part of my own individual identity and my overall philosophy and approach to life and to how I deal with other individuals outside of fandom,” Frazetti said. “It also helped develop an interest in education. Being able to share on an educational level and pass what I have studied onto others also continues to draw me to events and inspires me personally.”

For a complete schedule of Reno Comic Con events, go to http://www.renocomiccon.com/.