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WNC News & Notes Feb. 21

Students express concerns on cuts

As lawmakers prepare to consider cuts to state services, including higher education, Western Nevada College students are concerned on campus. A number of students agreed to share their concerns about what going to college has meant to them, and the personal impact of deep cuts to education.

Kayla Perkins, History student: “Until my generation, no one in my family has attended college. With the help of the Pell grant, I am attending WNC and so is my mom. If fees increase and the Pell grant decreases, many of us who wish to make something of our lives would suffer. College would become merely a distant dream.”

Diane Chanda, Deaf Studies and Criminal Justice student: “The most successful countries are the ones that place a high regard and emphasis on education. Who will do the cutting-edge research and be the leaders of tomorrow? It will not be the up-and-coming generations of Americans. With budget cuts and tuition increases, no one will be able to afford the education needed to take positions and keep our country moving forward. It’s sad that we live in a state that values young minds so little.”

Heather Ambrose, a student in Deaf Studies: “Being of very low income, I never thought that I would have the opportunity to get a college education. WNC has given me this opportunity, and I don’t want it taken away. Getting a college education is my road to becoming a better, more effective individual in this ever-changing society.”

Jessica Walden, Political Science-Foreign Affairs student: “I attend WNC on the Pell grant. WNC and UNR afford me the ability to attend school. Increases would not only affect the various campuses, but an entire generation could be left without an education.”

Members of the community may contact state lawmakers about WNC and Nevada higher education. Visit http://www.educatenevada.org

Poetry duo ‘slams’ for students

The “Dynamic Duo,” Ken Arkind and Panama Soweto, provided poetic and comedic relief for students during a recent performance at WNC. The Associated Students of Western Nevada are hosting a series of cultural lectures and events on campus this spring.

Faculty, staff share why they donate

WNC Foundation continues its “family campaign” of philanthropy to make a difference at Western Nevada College. Many generous employees are sharing their thoughts about why they donate.

Kathryn Clark-Ross from the Financial Assistance Office said she gives in honor of her father, Dr. William E. Clark, to help medical students reach their full potential. Teri Zutter, director of the Educational Learning and Literacy program, gives because she is proud of what she does and of Western Nevada College, and to recognize the high caliber of students at WNC.