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WNC News & Notes: Western Nevada earns national auto certification

Following an extensive examination of its courses, instructors and facilities, Western Nevada College has earned a certification from the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation for its automotive technology program.

Dean of Instruction Carol Lange credited faculty, staff and the local auto dealerships and repair businesses that took it upon themselves to make sure the program succeeded.

The Automotive Service Excellence group certifies college level automotive programs. Completing a NATEF certified program typically means that a student is better prepared to pass the ASE tests, which are nationally recognized for their demanding level of required skills.

Lange said she planned to have all of Western’s technical programs accredited or certified.

“This auto tech program is the first to realize that vision for the college. Our intention is to follow up with welding, machine tool technology, construction and drafting.”

New space image for Astronomy Year

WNC continues its celebration of 2009 as the “International Year of Astronomy” with release of new photographic images taken by telescopes at the Jack C. Davis Observatory.

This year marks the 400th anniversary of discoveries through telescopes and a turning point in science.

Galileo Galilei’s discoveries through observation and evidence were a departure from pseudo science and pure logic dating to Aristotle’s time.

June’s photo is M104, a spiral galaxy viewed edge on in the constellation Virgo. The “Sombrero” galaxy was discovered in 1767 by French astronomer Pierre Mechain. Scientists estimate that it is 30 million light years from our sun. In the 1990s, a massive black hole was discovered in the center of this galaxy of 200 to 300 billion stars.

The Western Nevada Astronomical Society hosts free “star parties” on Saturday evenings at the observatory to view the many celestial wonders of the night sky.

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