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WNC retains Best Value School Award status

Western Nevada College
For the second straight year Western Nevada College has earned a Best Value School Award from Best Value Colleges.
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For the second straight year Western Nevada College has earned a Best Value School Award from Best Value Colleges.

The recognition keeps WNC among an elite group of high quality, affordable higher institutions.

WNC was selected from approximately 8,000 postsecondary schools for the Best Value School Award. Colleges are researched by University Research & Review, which is dedicated to improving the process of how a student selects a postsecondary school.

URR doesn’t rank the colleges that receive Best Value School Awards. Experienced researchers gather data by scouring the internet and utilizing publicly accessible databases, as well as 1-on-1 interviews. Each of the colleges selected meet criteria important to postsecondary students of all ages. Among the key factors to students are institutions where they fit in, top-notch academic programs, reasonable tuition costs and the availability of financial aid.

“Why we like an institution, it’s not a marketing message; it’s how we feel in our souls why this is a good institution and deserves a Best Value award,” said Joseph Schmoke, Best Value Colleges founder and CEO.

URR’s assessment of WNC reads in part:

“This ‘community’ college offers associate degrees and career preparation certificates for a wide range of student types and ages. Some degrees and many courses are available online. Cost to attend is very reasonable. Western Nevada College’s open enrollment policy, which means you are in most cases automatically accepted, allows many older students and career-changers to gain valuable credentials. Our research into students’ attitudes toward their time at Western Nevada revealed the majority (75 percent+) thought highly of the school and would recommend it. We recommend it too.”

Here is what some of the students said about WNC:

“WNC is a wonderful college for students directly out of high school. Their departments are above average, and obtaining help or information is not difficult as it can be with larger universities.”

“They have a very friendly staff. Student-to-teacher ratio is just perfect. The library is very up to date with technology.”

“It’s a great school to start out at if you are unsure of what you’d like to major in. It’s less expensive than a university and even if you do know what you’d like to major in, you can get your core classes done here and easily transfer elsewhere.”

Best Value School Awards are designed to help students in selecting a higher education institution that combines quality education, career and professional direction and financial value.