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Woman arrested in parking lot purse snatching

Staff reports

A Carson City woman was arrested Thursday for allegedly snatching a purse from a woman on July 2 as the victim got out of a car in a grocery store parking lot.

Gloria Pete-McKay, 30, unemployed, was arrested at 1:50 p.m. Thursday on suspicion of felony robbery and a misdemeanor warrant for failure to appear.

According to the arrest report, the victim said she knew her assailant by first name and identified Pete-McKay from a photo lineup after officers interviewed the alleged accomplice Michael Menke, 25.

Menke is in custody on unrelated theft charges stemming from a vehicle burglary and an incident at Lowe’s in which he pulled an ice pick on someone also on July 2.

According to the arrest report, Menke said he and Pete-McKay were leaving Smith’s when they saw the victim who allegedly owed Pete-McKay money. When the victim was confronted, Pete-McKay allegedly grabbed her purse from her and threw it on the ground. The two then allegedly fled with the victim’s purse.

On Thursday, officers got an anonymous tip that Pete-McKay was at home and went to speak to her. According to the arrest report, she admitted battering the victim and taking the purse. Pete-McKay allegedly told officers she still had some of the victim’s cosmetics and Menke kept an address book with animals on it.

Detective Craig Lowe recovered the address book from Menke’s personal property at the Carson City Jail, indicating he’d had the address book on him when he was arrested at Lowe’s.

Pete-McKay’s bail was set at $6,000.