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Woman dies in Yerington fire

Staff Report

A smoldering cigarette that sent out toxic fumes inside a Yerington home likely contributed to the death of an elderly woman Sunday morning.

Sara Karr, 75, was found dead in her bed on Mountainview Street just after reports came in at 8:19 a.m. of a fire in her living room.

“Basically it was a smoldering fire that built up a bunch of heat in the room,” said Lyon County Emergency Management Coordinator Jeff Page. “The main fire damage was located in the southeast corner of the living room and the rest of the house suffered from heat and smoke damage, but no direct flame. It smoldered and set off toxic fumes which I’m sure were part of the reason why she died.”

Page said the fire was located near a chair where Karr would sit. Investigators searched the area for an ashtray she allegedly kept there.

Page said results of an autopsy performed Monday won’t be available for weeks.