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Woman found face down in park, taken to hospital

Karl Horeis, Appeal staff writer

A woman found face down on the sandy path in Riverview Park on Wednesday evening, surrounded by three growling dogs, was taken to Carson-Tahoe Hospital for treatment.

Carson City Sheriff’s Deputy Bob Guimont said he and another deputy were first to arrive on the scene after a man walking his dog called 911.

“The dogs were barking and growling at us, not letting us get near her,” he said. “We yelled at the dogs, really screamed at them, and they panicked and scattered.”

He said when he approached the woman, she opened her eyes but did not speak.

“We were able to communicate with her by asking her to blink,” he said.

He said there was no sign of violence or blood. “There were no major injuries that we could see,” he said.

The woman, whom Guimont estimated to be age 40, was taken to Carson-Tahoe Hospital. No report was available on her condition

Jim Sherman was walking his Doberman pinscher when he found her face down on the trail.

“I just came across her lying there by that exercise station,” he said.

He called rescue crews on a disconnected cell phone from which he can still call 911.

“I always carry it with me when I come to the park because, you know, there’s a lot of runners down here.”

He pointed to a white, four-door Toyota Camry with a dented front.

“I think that’s her car because I recognize the rest of the cars in the lot,” he said.

As Sherman left the park, Guimont spoke to him.

“I want to thank you big time,” he said. “A lot of folks don’t stop for something like that.”

A park ranger and Animal Regulation officer set out to round up her dogs, one of which had run west on Fifth Street.