Working the parade: No day off for reserve deputies |

Working the parade: No day off for reserve deputies

Wheeler Cowperthwaite / Nevada AppealReserve Deputies Brett Zolkos, left, and Jonathan Stone patrol Mills Park on Friday afternoon.

For the reserve deputies, the Nevada Day celebration will start at 7:30 a.m., before the parade starts. They will be on the street by 8. Come 11 p.m., hopefully their day will be finished but it’s all in a day’s work as a reserve officer.The morning will be the easy part, Reserve Commander Tom Crawford said.“Usually our problems start after the parade ends,” Crawford said. Whether it’s by foot, wheel or hoof, reserve deputies will be part of the sheriff’s office presence at the parade. Reserve deputies are sworn peace officers who donate their time and services to the sheriff’s office.“We take on a different stance after the parade,” he said. “We step it up when the need (conflicts and fights) arises. The parade is easier to work. People are in a good mood.”Reserve deputies won’t just be downtown; they also will be working the carnival and Battle Born Days, Crawford said.Mounted deputies will be out and about, keeping an eye on things. Sitting astride a horse, they are able to get a better view of what is going on, from the higher vantage point.Reserve deputies on bicycles are especially good for responding quickly by maneuvering through traffic and crowds. All of the reserve deputies will be responding to a variety of calls, from lost children to fights.“Nevada Day is one of the busiest days for us,” he said. “We have more law enforcement out than any other day.”Reserve deputies from other areas, including Humboldt, Douglas and possibly Storey counties, will work Nevada Day.Sheriff Ken Furlong praised the efforts of his reserve deputies and volunteers.“Our reserve and volunteer components to the parade are worth $60,000 to the community because we don’t have to call in overtime,” he said.A good day for a paradeToday’s forecast is a high of 67, and it will be “pretty sunny,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Alex Hoon said. A few high clouds will be the only impediments to the sun in the sky.“The winds will be pretty light. It’s going to be a nice day for everyone,” he said.With no precipitation forecasted, it will be “dry and pleasant,” Hoon said.