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Would-be kidnappers sentenced to 90 days in jail

by Sheila Gardner

Two men who participated in a Feb. 12 staged kidnapping were sentenced Tuesday to 90 days each in Douglas County Jail.

Speaking through an interpreter, Roberto Villagrana, 26, and Abraham Heredia-Cortez, 36, apologized for their parts in the incident, and said they didn’t realize what they were getting into.

Heredia-Cortez is brother to Lea Heredia-Cortez, 38, who staged the phony kidnapping with her ex-husband, Mauricio Lopez-Montero, 49, to lure the victim out of his home where the four of them could beat him up.

The intended victim called sheriff’s deputies, who later located the couple in a van in the parking lot of the Clear Creek Plaza where they fled when the plans fell apart, and took them into custody.

The victim, who was Lea Heredia-Cortez’s former boyfriend, was not injured.

Villagrana and Abraham Heredia-Cortez were sentenced to 90 days in Douglas County Jail and given credit for 77 and 79 days served, respectively.

“I think I should be on probation,” Heredia-Cortez told District Judge Dave Gamble. “I’m not the one who started this. I have never had the opportunity to be out on probation.”

Villagrana said he recognized it was wrong to go to the victim’s house.

“I’d like to be forgiven for what I have done. There was no intention on my part to do anything to this guy,” he said.

Both men pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit battery. They also have holds on them placed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Lopez-Montero and Lea Heredia-Cortez were given similar sentences in April, and also faced deportation.

All defendants were ordered to stay away from the victim.