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Yard redecorating done by Mother Nature

Jarid Shipley
Appeal Staff Writer
BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal Jim Billig, of 2113 Kansas St., said the wind gusts that reached 98 mph on Saturday night in Carson City ripped his shed off its foundation and threw it into his fence. Somehow, the contents remained undisturbed.

The back yard of Jim and Johanna Billig at 2113 Kansas St. underwent some minor rearranging over the weekend. It wasn’t much really, in fact the only change was to the placement of their shed. Mother Nature decided it wasn’t right, thinking it would look better smashed up against the couple’s back fence.

While the 8-by-10-foot shed was mangled, the contents of the shed remained undisturbed. The suitcases, storage boxes, rocking chairs and assorted knick-knacks were in the exact same place the couple left them. Not even the spider webs peppering the shelves sustained damage.

“This is unbelievable, can you imagine this? It didn’t touch anything else, but decided it didn’t like the shed,” Johanna Billig said.

The damage was inflicted by wind gusts up to 98 mph that pounded South Carson City on Saturday night. The winds shredded the overhang of Silver State Fitness and made wood slats into projectiles that shattered windows and pierced vehicles.

The couple said their home lost power Saturday evening, and they decided to go out to dinner. When they returned, their power was restored, but they didn’t think to check outside and didn’t notice the damage until Sunday morning.

“There aren’t any lights out there and the wind was so sporadic that we didn’t think to look,” Jim Billig said.

He also said they planned to replace the shed down the line, but added that plans change.

“We were planning on getting a new shed, but it looks like we are going to have to move that plan up,” Jim Billig said.

The most amazing thing, according to the couple, was the lack of damage to the rest of their property.

“The trailer has been known to get turned over in the wind, but never the shed. That’s just not what we were expecting,” Jim Billig said.

Aside from the trailer, the couple’s woodpile – less that 20 feet from the shed – wasn’t even touched by the gusts.

“Survived the flood, but done in by the wind,” Johanna Billig joked.

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