Yerington Senior Center programs – "We are as good as Silver and Gold!" |

Yerington Senior Center programs – "We are as good as Silver and Gold!"

Nancy Dallas

YERINGTON – In responding to a request for increased county funding for the Yerington Senior Center, Director Wanda Espinoza said Tuesday she wanted to make it clear the center is not just a place to eat a meal.

“We do a lot more than just serve lunch. This is a social place. We have a very active group and provide quite a lot for them,” Espinoza said. “So many of our members come and say this is their home away from home.”

Espinoza noted the facility operates a full schedule of programs and access to the center is available from 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., and sometimes later.

“Everyone needs to know what we do for this community. Aside from the daily lunches, we deliver 45 homebound meals a day, offer cancer screenings and informational programs, free law services and so much more,” Espinoza said. “We are pretty proud of this place.”

In regards to the feeling of some county officials that the Yerington center should become a part of the county’s Silver and Gold program, Espinoza said the seniors do not want to change; they are the ones who built the center and enjoy having local control over their programs.

The Silver and Gold program oversees the Dayton, Silver Springs and Fernley senior centers and related programs. Silver and Gold operates within the county’s Human Services Division.

Marja McGraw, a volunteer at the center since September, praises the variety of activities and programs.

“I was very impressed and took a part time job here. There is a lot more than just a lunch-time place,” McGraw said. “In some ways I think they go above and beyond what is offered at other centers.”

Other programs offered at the center include Special birthday dinners once a month, holiday activities, a large gift shop, exercise classes, transportation to special appointments,Social Security services and an abundance of social activities.

The building is also available to use for special public presentations.

In his recent request for additional funding, Yerington Senior Center Board President Ken Thompson told commissioners the money was needed to cover utility costs.

Commissioners denied the request and asked Thompson to return during the upcoming budget process.