Youth tackle issue of underage drinking |

Youth tackle issue of underage drinking

Rhonda Costa
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer
Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

A group of young adults is going behind, and in front, of the camera to produce a video message about the dangers of underage drinking.

At the “Sober Youth” class held every Monday and Wednesday at the Community Council on Youth office, 1711 N. Roop St., the students videotaped and acted in a 30-second public service announcement on drinking that will run as a trailer at Galaxy Theaters.

“I’d like to make sure others see what can happen when you drink,” said Heather Gray-Hackney, 17, of Pioneer High School. “And that there are ways to have a good time without alcohol.”

Gray-Hackney is an actor in the PSA, as is Brittany Crawford, 17, who attends Carson High School.

“I liked the training, and talking to kids about underage drinking,” she said.

“The program helps the kids work together, no matter who they are or where they’re from,” said Barbara Jones, program leader. “It is open to anyone age 14-24 who wants to help. They can be an area graduate who has the time to participate.”

Darla Bayer from Access Carson TV is helping the kids learn video production and editing.

“So far I’ve only worked with them in teaching them use of the video cameras,” Bayer said. “But they’re fun to work with. They’re cool kids.”

Knowing 16 teens die every day from alcohol-related causes inspires Steven Bass, 16, to help young people know they shouldn’t drink.

“Drinking is not a necessity,” Bass said. “There’s a lot of bad things that could happen.”

Saudiel Orozco, 18, provided the music for the PSA.

“I wanted to learn to work with a camera and be in commercials,” Orozco said. “It was pretty cool.”

Jones said the program is aimed at high-risk youth and is funded through a grant.

“I’d like to get the kids to rotate through the program, so as they graduate, they can bring in others to teach and mentor,” Jones said. “It’s an intelligent way of learning. We have a core of eight kids who are strongly involved here.”

“And it gives the kids an outlet,” said Chrissi Barnett, communications specialist with CCOY. “You never know where it can take them.”

For information, call CCOY at 841-4730.

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