Lyon Commissioners to mull Vidler water rights transfers |

Lyon Commissioners to mull Vidler water rights transfers

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

A plan to transfer water between Carson City and Lyon County to improve service during emergencies and peak use times will move a step closer to fruition if Lyon County OKs the plan.

The Vidler Water Company project would allow the transfer of water from Carson City to Lyon County and back.

The Lyon County Commission will vote on a nonbinding resolution at its meeting Thursday on three water rights applications filed in March to change the diversion and place of use of municipal water.

Utilities Director Mike Workman said the state engineer requires the approval of both local governments involved in a water transfer from one county to another.

Though water would be transferred between counties in the Vidler project, it would remain in the same hydrographic basin.

Vidler officials are proposing to build a water line and sell 75 acre-feet to developers, who will purchase the rights and deed them back to the county once the developments are built.

Vidler officials originally proposed the project to build the water line and sell their 75 acre-feet of water rights to developers. The developers who purchase the water rights will then deed them to the county when they build their developments. Vidler will also deed the infrastructure to the county.

The project includes a 16-inch main line coming from Carson City to the Mound House tank, then on east to the upper Dayton tank.

Workman has said the project would also improve water service to both entities and aid in the continued development of Dayton.

He said it would take the pressure off the Dayton system, and allow Carson City to defer capital investments they would otherwise have to make.

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