Lyon County allows brothel workers to provide escort services |

Lyon County allows brothel workers to provide escort services

The Associated Press

RENO — Brothels in Nevada remain closed under state restrictions imposed under the coronavirus pandemic but Lyon County is allowing brothels to offer non-sexual escort services.

The Board of Commissioners approved the new authorization for the four brothels in the county on Oct. 15, the Reno Gazette Journal reported.

Because the brothels remain closed, the sex workers must meet customers elsewhere for escort services authorized under the new ordinance.

Over 500 people were unemployed due to the brothel closings, brothel owner Suzette Cole told the board.

Lyon County Manager Jeffery Page said the closures have hurt the local economy because fewer people are working.

The authorization for escort services will allow brothels to stay in business and provide income for owners and workers, he said.

Sex worker Alice Little said many workers, who are considered independent contractors, left the industry to work elsewhere, but she said that is difficult because of the stigma attached to the work.

The Mustang Ranch brothel in Storey County also began offering non-sexual escort services in August.