Lyon County budget hearings start Wednesday |

Lyon County budget hearings start Wednesday

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

Though it might face some tinkering by the commissioners, Lyon County’s next budget will be balanced, with one-12th of the funds set aside for emergencies.

“We have presented them with a balanced budget, but they now get the opportunity to make it their budget,” said County Manager Donna Kristaponis. “They made changes last year and they will this year, but I hope we’ve done a good enough job that they won’t have too many.”

The Lyon County Board of Commissioners will hold hearings on the budget Wednesday, Thursday and even Friday, if necessary. Wednesday’s and Thursday’s scheduled meetings will begin at 9 a.m. in Yerington.

Taxes will not go up, though Kristaponis said the county was considering putting a measure on the ballot this fall that would allow for a sales tax increase to fund libraries.

Kristaponis said road funding was the most contentious issue in the budget.

“We receive gas tax from the state, but it’s not enough to pay the depreciation on the equipment,” she said. “When we look at putting together (the General Improvement District) for roads, which is what the board of commissioners has talked about, the maximum amount is $1.6 million, but that assumes we go up to the (8 percent) cap.”

To save money, Kristaponis said the county’s proposed budget only includes funds for about half of the new county positions department heads requested.

“The size of the personnel is not keeping up with the rate of growth,” she said. “We had requests for probably 25 new positions and we had to cut those in half. And none of them were fluff.”

She said examples of unfilled positions include deputy sheriffs and library staff positions.

On the other hand, Kristaponis said, the proposed budget includes funding for supervisors in the sheriff’s office 24/7 as well as round-the-clock dispatch coverage.

She said new state regulations requiring counties to remove personal information from public documents made additional staff in the recorder’s office necessary.

Kristaponis said the big change from last year’s budget was not in the operating side, but the capital side when the commissioners approved the Silver Springs Senior/Community Center.

If you go

WHAT: Lyon County Commission special budget workshops and regular meeting

WHEN: 9 a.m. Wednesday, 9 a.m. Thursday

WHERE: 27 S. Main St., Yerington

CALL: (775) 463-6531