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Charlie Lawson

Charles E. Lawson

Age: 66

Hometown: Stagecoach

Occupation: Retired project construction manager

Family: Married 42 years to Susan; 2 daughters: Julie Kepler of Dayton and Wendy Sullivan of Reno; son: Kelly Lawson of Reno, 10 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild; brothers: Bill Lawson of Stagecoach and Frank Lawson of Redmond, Wash.; sisters: Jean Hevener and Linda Whalin of Yerington; mother: Ethel Lawson of Stagecoach, now residing with Jean Hevener in Yerington.

Political background: Democrat, chairman Stagecoach Homeowners Association 1972-76; Lyon County Planning Commission board member 1980-88; board member and chairman of Stagecoach GID 1984 to present; founding member of Nevada Rural Water Association board member and president 1990-98; member of National Rural Water Association executive committee 1992-98; member and Chairman of National Rural Water Research and Education Foundation 1996-98 worked with Assembly Speaker Joe Dini and State Sen. Ernie Adler to establish grant program AB 198 and loan program AB 199 for rural and small water systems and to establish The Carson Water Subconservancy District in its present form; board member for Carson Water Subconservancy District 1992-2000; appointed to Nevada State Water Plan Advisory Committee; appointed to Nevada State Water system operator certification board; chairman Lyon County Democratic Central Committee 1974-76, 1978-80 and 2004-05.

Tell us about yourself:

Founding member of Stagecoach Volunteer Department, fireman and EMT II – Ambulance Captain 1975 to 1988; unpaid lobbyist for Nevada Rural Water and National Rural Water Associations.

Establishment of youth activities center for Central Lyon County communities; Kiwanis International; Dayton High School Booster Club president; built snack bar for Dayton High School; acquired special fill for Dayton High School track; inspected construction of Silver Springs Little League Field; Dayton High School Ski program; providing information to people that do not know which governmental agency they need to contact with problems.

Hobbies and interests: Hunting, fishing, hiking, bicycling, photography, skiing, wood working, reading.

Education: Two years of Civil Engineering studies and a degree in business management, combined with a 44 years work history in business.

Reason for running: There is no single reason. I would like to bring stability to Lyon County Government if possible. I want to address the issues of infrastructure needs so the county can catch up with growth. I think I can provide the governmental experience that will be needed to accomplish these goals. I want to provide a conduit for information to and from the constituency at large as to what is happening on different issues.

Should the county pay for the water and sewer infrastructure that has been built if the housing market slows?

I am assuming this question is in regards to the Dayton area. Not knowing the contractual arrangements the Lyon county Commissioners may have entered into, the county may be obligated to pay. Hopefully the county has taken precautions to address exactly this kind of situation.

What are your plans to improve road maintenance in Lyon County?

Lyon County has to recognize maintenance of roadways is an ongoing procedure needed to extend the life of improvements already in place. There should be better planning for utilization and equipping of the existing County road department to accomplish this end, similar to the way NDOT carries out their programs of highway maintenance.

What sets me apart from my opponent:

My history of management experience in areas of building infrastructure.

My experience working with people of differing backgrounds to reach agreement on common goals.

My experience working with many different levels of governmental agencies.

My experience working with legislators to mitigate the impact of legislative mandates.

Larry McPherson

Age: Old enough to have the necessary experience; young enough to do the work

Hometown: Stagecoach

Occupation: Retired

Family: Wife, Nancy, 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren

Political background: Republican

Tell us about yourself:

I have lived in Stagecoach the last 27 years and have been involved in the community in the following ways: served on: Town Board; RTC Board (6 years); Silver Springs/Stagecoach Hospital Board (6 years; chairman for 3 years); Sheriff’s Mounted Unit; Lyon County Search and Rescue, County Commander; Kiwanis Club Dayton Township (15 years, Distinguished Past President); Silver Springs Chamber of Commerce Board; announcer for Nevada Day Parade; Master of Ceremonies for many local events; National Pony Express Association, Nevada Division, president.

I am running to give the people of Lyon County a choice. Their voice needs to be heard, and through me, it will be.

Should the county pay for the water and sewer infrastructure that has been built if the housing market slows?

It seems there will be no choice if building falls below an agreed upon number.

What are your plans to improve road maintenance in Lyon County?

GIDs should be put in place to pay for some of this. There really is not enough money in the county to pay for everything that people want. We live in an area where some people actually prefer dirt roads (to minimize traffic by their homes). Gas tax money only pays for new roads, not maintenance of existing roads.

What sets you apart from your opponent?

I am not running to get this job for personal or monetary gain or to fulfill a personal agenda. And, of course, there are the political differences tied to our party affiliations.