Lyon County commissioners get their panel assignments |

Lyon County commissioners get their panel assignments

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

The duties of a Lyon County commissioner don’t stop at deciding special-use permits, holding hearings and voting on ordinances twice a month.

In addition to keeping in touch with and aiding constituents from their respective districts, commissioners must sit on a number of boards, committees and commissions.

Each January, commissioners are appointed to various entities, and Leroy Goodman said they usually don’t change much, if at all.

“We vote on them, but everyone usually keeps the same committees every year because it offers continuity to our commission and to the boards,” he said.

“And part of it’s locale. If it’s on the Walker River, it’ll be people from the southern part of the county.”

That continuity will also remain with the board of commissioners as Bob Milz, who represents the Dayton area, was re-elected chairman on a 3-2 vote. Phyllis Hunewill will continue as vice chairwoman.

In addition to his duties as chairman of the commissioners, Milz is also chairman of the Carson Water Subconservancy District, the Comstock Historic District and the Room Tax Board and serves as a member or alternate of four other committees.

He said he spends about 60 hours a week on county business.

“The chairman has to do a lot of work that you don’t see,” he said. “The water subconservancy requires most of the time because it’s so critical.”

The Carson River Subconservancy District is also Milz’ board of choice “because it affects more people than even being commissioner does.”

Milz, who is retired, said when a Lyon resident has a concern with a particular board, they should try and contact that board’s chairman or representative, rather than the commissioner that represents their district.

“They can call any of us, but they probably should call the chairman of that board,” he said.

The commissioners usually rely on other county officials to write or revise legislation, though Milz said they can participate in the effort.

Lyon County commissioners earn between $22,000 and $28,000, depending on length of time on the board.

Goodman devotes about 60 to 80 hours a month to county business and said it isn’t hard even with his job at Nevada Cement Co.

“Nevada Cement encourages people to be involved in the community and they give you the time to do that,” he said. “And three-fourths of the time is in the evening.”

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Lyon County Commissioners’ committee and board assignments

Bob Milz – Chairman, represents Dayton area

Comstock Historic District

Criminal Justice Advisory Committee

Planning Commission Ex-Officio – alternate

Western Nevada RC&D Executive Committee

Carson Water Subconservancy District

Dayton Valley Conservation District

Room Tax Board

Phyllis Hunewill – Vice chairwoman, represents Smith Valley

Planning Commission Ex-Officio

Criminal Justice Advisory Committee

Western Nevada RC&D Executive Committee alternate

Walker River Conservation District – Smith Valley

Nevada Association of Counties

Western Nevada Development District

Nevada WORKS

Walker River Irrigation District – alternate

Walker River Settlement Negotiation Committee

Leroy Goodman – represents Fernley

General Obligation Bond Commission

Nevada Association of Counties

Local Emergency Planning Committee – alternate

Western Nevada Development District

Nevada WORKS – alternate

Data Processing Committee

Western Nevada HOME Consortium

Chet Hillyard – represents Silver Springs

General Improvement District Debt Management Committee

Data Processing Committee – alternate

Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway

Western Nevada HOME consortium – alternate

Don Tibbals – represents Mason Valley

Walker River Conservation District – Mason Valley

Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool

Nevada Association of Counties Indigent Committee

Local Emergency Planning Committee

State Land-Use Planning Committee

Walker River Irrigation District

Quarterly Jail Inspection

Walker River Settlement Negotiation Committee