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Lyon County District Attorney

Bob Auer

Robert “Bob” Auer

Age: 52

Hometown: Dayton

Occupation: Senior Deputy Attorney General

Family: Wife of 24 years, Robin, 1 adult son, Ben

Political background: Republican

What improvements would you like to see happen at the District Attorney’s office and how do you intend to implement those improvements?

This office needs to grow and modernize. The rapidly growing population of Lyon County continues to outpace the available government services. Status quo for this office is not good enough for me.

My first personnel action as district attorney will to hire an investigator. A district attorney investigator will further my goals of better cooperation with the new sheriff and better victim assistance for Lyon County residents. For example, a district attorney investigator can take some of the work load off of the already overworked patrol deputies by serving witness subpoenas, gathering follow up evidence and conducting follow up witness interviews. The district attorney investigator can also be the person who acquaints victims with the courtroom and court process so that giving testimony will not cause fear to an already wounded person. I helped to establish such an investigator position in the Carson office in the 1980’s and I certainly believe the time has come for Lyon County to have an investigator.

My second step will be to implement a mentoring program for prosecutors where more experienced attorneys are partnered with the youngsters so that the young have the benefit of learning from those who have already made the mistakes.

What district attorney function is most in need of additional funding? How would you allocate it?

Prosecution of serious criminal offenses is the focus of the office. We need to recruit and retain the best and the brightest personnel to keep our residents safe and secure. As district attorney, I must also make sure that my lawyers receive the best training and tools available to make them want to stick with this very difficult task. Support staff must also be treated with the respect and professionalism that they deserve. Because of the geographical diversity of Lyon County, I will be closely monitoring caseloads in growing areas such as Dayton and Fernley to make sure there is adequate staff to handle the work.

A second area that is a critical function is the child support enforcement team. As a former child support enforcement deputy DA for Carson, I personally saw the impact on the lives of children and their supporting parents when we were able to collect the monthly monies that were rightfully owed for support. I want to make sure that all the personnel who serve on the child support enforcement team are treated as priority components of the office and not just the folks that work across the street.

Finally, the office needs to have a community education and outreach program where this office takes the lead on preventing crimes related to drug and alcohol abuse. In my experience as a prosecutor, almost every crime is somehow related to alcohol or drug abuse.

What sets you apart from your opponent?

I am at a stage in my legal career where I am not afraid to fight for the programs and policies that will make Lyon County a better place to live in the next 20 years. I have a depth and breadth of legal experience in the public sector that covers every single aspect of the functions performed by this office.

I am also very much a big picture person with a good grasp on how all of the various district attorney offices throughout Nevada are operated and how the office interacts with all other county departments. Although I once lived in Yerington for three years and became familiar with the pace and culture of that agricultural-based venue, I am also very comfortable with the urban practice of law that I have experienced through litigating cases in Carson, Washoe and Clark counties. The new and growing Lyon County requires a big-picture approach to criminal justice administration with a dose of good old common sense. I will bring all of these skills to the table if elected as your next district attorney.

Contact information:

Telephone: (775) 315-5784


Stephen Rye

Age: 42

Hometown: Yerington

Occupation: Chief Deputy District Attorney

Family: Wife, Cherie, is a Lyon County detective; 1 daughter

Political Background: Republican

What improvements would you like to see happen at the District Attorney’s office and how do you intend to implement those improvements?

Improvements I would like to see include: Improved cooperation with the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies; improved crime victim services; and more effective prosecution of repeat offenders, sex offenders and gang crimes.

I intend to accomplish these improvements with the assistance of law enforcement. Working closely with law enforcement we can address these issues. In addition to working closely with law enforcement, I plan to implement programs that will advise crime victims of their rights and the services that are available for them, including federal, state or local programs.

What district attorney function is most in need of additional funding? How would you allocate it?

The Lyon County Commissioners have always supported the District Attorney’s Office since I have been in the office. Additional funding is needed for additional office staff in Fernley and a DA investigator to assist with criminal cases. I recognize that many departments are in need of additional funding for important programs. I would work with the other elected and appointed officials to prioritize funding for the various programs with the objective of providing the best service to the citizens of Lyon County.

What sets you apart from your opponent?

My experience in the District Attorney’s Office sets me apart from my opponent. I am familiar with the legal issues facing the county; I have worked with the various departments and understand the operations of those departments; I have prosecuted a wide variety of cases all over Lyon County; I have worked with the judges in the county; and, I understand the operations and functions of the District Attorney’s Office. This experience in Lyon County uniquely qualifies me for the job of District Attorney.

Contact Information:

Telephone: (775) 720-4400