Marv Teixeira, Mayor |

Marv Teixeira, Mayor

I’ve had the honor and privilege to serve as your mayor from 1989 through 1996. I have lived in Carson City for 43 years. My sons and their families live in Carson City. This is a terrific community.

However, I’m disappointed in the lack of progress over the last eight years. I’m disappointed in the loss of our retail base, the $2 million-plus taxpayers’ dollars spent on failed lawsuits and legal fees that have achieved virtually nothing, the poor relations with our neighboring counties, the deterioration of our water system and more.

We are the capital and the only consolidated city-county in Nevada. There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t be the leader, not a follower, in our great state.

I am confident that we can regain the momentum that we once had and be the capital city that we should be. We can and must do better.

Together we can get Carson City back on track!