Maybe it’s time to put the president on a payment plan |

Maybe it’s time to put the president on a payment plan

Karel Ancona-Henry
For the Appeal

Maybe it’s time to put the president on a payment plan.

I realize I’m a bit behind the curve on this (gasp!) breaking news item, but I figure if I’m still thinking about it, others might be too.

I heard the little tidbit that President Bush is looking forward to leaving office so he can hit the speakers circuit.

Frankly, I’m looking forward to him leaving office as well, but frankly, I can’t bear to hear him speak while he is president. I don’t see in my crystal ball that I would ever feel the need to hear him speak when he is no longer president.

But that’s not the point.

What disgusts me, is him pondering his opportunities to “replenish the ol’ coffers.”

This hit me wrong on so many levels I can hardly stand it.

Let’s assume for a moment, that I, Karel Ancona-Henry, had never done well on any given business venture. But then, due to some mysterious circumstances, I am suddenly in charge of the biggest business in the world and my board of directors (Congress) decides to give me the power to pretty much do whatever the hell I’d like. (Shame on them.)

With all my new-found power, I go on a spending spree the likes that boggle the mind of any regular person. I’m sending my employees’ children into dangerous situations while my own are safely ensconced in American life and all the perks available to the very wealthy.

I’m out spending like there’s no tomorrow, vetoing legislation that could help my own employees (that would be you, the citizen), making war because I can, and on and on. With each bad decision, money that I don’t have, is spent.

Pretty soon, I’m asking my friends to cover my debt, which means I’ve now made my company vulnerable to outside influences that most likely do not have my employees’ best interests at heart.

But I tell myself it’s all good, because I’m spreading democracy and freedom and with my direct line to the Big Guy, I am on the side of right. Oh, did I mention my buddies and I are cashing in pretty good, too?


If citizen Karel had run a business into the ground, I would most likely either file bankruptcy or have my wages garnished to repay the debt.

For average citizens, that would be the consequence for making poor decisions.

Why not the same for our ruling class?

Every speaker fee President Bush collects should go to offset the debt he has created. It wouldn’t break my heart a bit, if members of Congress who refuse to stand against this guy, also have their present wages, as well as their substantial monthly pensions receivable once they leave their posts, garnished.

Maybe then, there will be the resources to take care of the veterans who return, to provide medical insurance for children who have access to none, to take care of the many pressing issues that face this nation.

We do have a few pressing issues. Just a few.

It has been very hard to watch the arrogance of this administration and the loss of our credibility as a force for good in the world.

I gave up asking how much worse it could be, because every time I’ve asked, yet one more inconceivable event, and all of them with no accountability, has transpired.

Clearly, no one at the White House is listening. I’m beginning to wonder about the House and Senate as well.

Perhaps hitting these people where they understand it – in their pocketbooks – is the way to go. Because I’m beginning to think that showing up to vote is no longer enough.

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