Mayoral candidates on radio |

Mayoral candidates on radio

Robyn Moormeister

Carson City mayoral candidates will battle it out in a live debate over the airwaves Tuesday on “Nevada’s Talk Capital” on KPTL AM station 1300.

“The chairs may start flying, but our insurance is up to date,” joked KPTL radio host George McKennan. “We may need Steve from ‘The Jerry Springer Show.'”

McKennan, formerly the owner of an advertising business in Carson City, said he will ask candidates Ray Masayko and Marv Teixeira several questions about the state of local business during the new hourlong talk show.

Listeners are invited call in and grill the candidates.

“I want to know what we’re doing about empty retail spots in town, and what they would do to help small-business owners in the community as well as homeowners,” McKennan said.

He said the Carson City freeway and the city’s water-supply problem are other issues he will address.

“We can stretch it more than an hour if we need to,” McKennan said. “We’ll try to make it as formal as possible without too many rules.”

He said both candidates will have 2 minutes to answer each question.

“It’ll be fun, if nothing else,” McKennan said.

The show will air live at 2 p.m. Listeners can call 882-5785 or toll free at 1-877-826-1300 with questions.

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