Memorial: Joe Brindle |

Memorial: Joe Brindle

Big 30! We should be having a drink right now. Seems like yesterday – I miss you – We know you are with us every day. Love, Dad

Joe – If only we were all still together, in the same place in time – I send you all my love, hope and dreams on your 30th birthday! I know you are never far from home. I love you, I miss you so much. Love forever & always, Mom

Joe – Why did you have to go? I just turned 18. We should be hanging out and stuff. Well, I really miss you and wish you were here. It may not seem like much, but I remember everything. Love, Tyler

Joe – I love you so much! And miss you too! I know you are right beside me as I write. Why, why did you have to go? I know we didn’t speak much then, but that was because of our age difference. I know that if you were still alive we would be talking a lot more, but still will love and miss you always. Love, Melissa

Joe – Happy 30th! Games, music, movies, chocolate milk, cake and fun! Love, Austin