Millenium Countdown: 1922 |

Millenium Countdown: 1922

by staff

The “Annes Martin,” Annie Hudnall Martin and Anne Henrietta Martin, both from Carson City, claimed national firsts during the early 1900s.

Anne by being the first female to get her name on the ballot seeking the office of U.S. Senate.

Annie by being the first female to be appointed superintendent of a U.S. Mint. Yesterday’s millennium countdown while written to clear confusion wasn’t as successful as we had planned.

For Friday have photo of newly paved Carson street.

Paper: Carson City Daily Appeal – 77 days to the Millennium -Tuesday, Aug. 15, 1922

Publisher: L. J. Blake

Published daily except Sunday at Carson City.

Subscription Rates: One month by carrier $1, one month by mail $.75.

Advertising rates on application.


A reward of $10 will be paid for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons stealing the APPEAL from the premises of a subscriber.

1922 voter registrations by county

Total 34,451

Churchill 1,616*

Clark 2,065

Douglas 787

Elko 3,814

Esmeralda 1,050

Eureka 491*

Humboldt 1,624

Lander 840

Lincoln 1,023

Lyon 1,851

Mineral 746

Nye 3,747

Ormsby 1,145

Pershing 1,413

Storey 1,105

Washoe 8,698

White Pine 2,436*

* estimates from last election

By Kelli Du Fresne

It’s a month before primary elections in 1922. The Carson City Daily Appeal has taken space in its columns today to remind residents to sign up to vote.

It was also a busy month for construction crews who were busy paving the road between Reno and Carson with concrete.

The Aug. 15 paper announced that the concrete work was nearly done.

On Aug. 15, the Appeal noted that the pouring of concrete to finish the highway has begun again.



An adequate supply of material for completion of the concrete highway from the city limits to the paved portion of Carson street has been assured according to chief Engineer George W. Borden of the Nevada highway department, who returned late yesterday from Reno, and the pouring of concrete was started this morning by the contractors.

A few days later on Aug. XX, 1922 the paper said:



A section of the new Reno-Carson concrete highway was thrown open from Lakeview to Winnie’s Lane yesterday and a large number of autoists took advantage of the improved road. Only a half-mile detour remains now from the Carson business section to the new road, the concrete being available from the Carson city limits to Reno.

On Aug. 26, 1922 the paper reported the road was done.



The linking of Reno and Carson City with concrete pavement is now complete. The last cement for the inter-city highway was poured at 6:25 o’clock last evening with Mayor A. B. Gray manipulating the machinery that permitted the paving material to flow from mixer to the header boards against the dies of the Virginia & Truckee main line track, on September 15 the paving within Carson’s limits will be opened to traffic and the journey to Reno will be a matter of an hour or less by machine.

Other newspaper reports from the week tell how automobile exhaust is ruining the road, how traffic laws will be strictly enforced in Washoe County and how a certain U.S. senator’s wife made a $5 donation to the Reno coffers for parking too close to a fire hydrant.



Mrs. Owens, wife of the United States Senator of Oklahoma, contributed $5 to the Reno city treasury yesterday morning. A violation of the traffic laws by parking too near a fire hydrant caused her to be invited into Judge Bryson’s chambers, where she deposited $5 and forfeited the money.-Gazzette.

The car has become a fixture in Nevada and in fact the Aug. 9 paper reported that there were so many registrations, 20 a day, that they would break the record of the year before. The estimated the state would collect $15,000 more than in 1921 and that the state had since Jan. 1 registered 11,726 autos compared to the 10,256 from the year before.

Gov. Kenny Guinn, would likely be overjoyed at such news these days.

Under the headline “PRIMARY REGISTRATION” Blake wrote: The opportunity of every citizen to vote at the primary election on September 5 will be lost and a duty will be neglected by those who have failed to register at nine o’clock tonight.

The office of County Clerk Legate will be open until that hour and all whose names are not on the registration books will have the privilege of placing them there until nine o’clock tonight.

According to those who are in a position to know, there are still several people entitled to vote have failed to register.

The registration books close at nine o’clock tonight.

The total registration for this county was reported as 1162 by Legate this afternoon. The registration by wards for the Republicans and Democrats with the exception of thirty-eight recent registrations is as follows: First, 347; second, 338; third, 345.

Included in the total are ninety four non-partisans.

The day before, the Appeal reported that two rivals for nominations to Congress met head to head in an auto wreck.



Rival candidates for the congressional nominations met face to face, automobile to automobile, in a head on collision on the Burned Cabin summit, bout 20 miles from Frenchman’s Gulch, yesterday morning.

Broken glass and words flew, radiators and fenders suffered, but both candidates are still in the field.

C. H. Moore, republican candidate for congress and H. W. Huskey, seeking democratic honors for nomination for the same position, were driving the cars when the crash occurred. Both contend the accident was unpremeditated and therefore unavoidable.

Moore declares that one of his friends was shooting from the slow-moving car at a coyote on the hill side when he rounded a sharp turn and bumped square into Huskey, who was coming slowly up the grade.

Moore came into Reno under his own power, while Huskey continued on his campaign tour through east Nevada.-Journal

On Aug. 24, the paper tallied nearly 34,500 registrations. The article said numbers from all but Churchill, Eureka and White Pine counties had been counted but estimates from the prior elections were used for the total.

On Oct. 16, the paper reported 1,193 registrations for Ormsby, which doesn’t agree with the Oct. 24 numbers, but does note that eight democrats switched their party affiliation to Republican and the same number changed from Republican to Democrat.