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‘Moonlight & Magnolias’ continues at Brewery

photo providedJason Macy as screenwriter Ben Hecht, Jody Paslov as director Victor Fleming and Jim Godwin as producer David O. Selznick, work on a rewrite of "Gone with the Wind" in the Proscenium Players production of "Moonlight & Magnolias."

“Moonlight & Magnolias” tells the fictionalized tale of how the epic film “Gone With the Wind” was saved from its premature demise and takes a farcical look behind the scenes of the classic.

“It’s about an actual true incident, but is highly fictionalized,” explained Karen Chandler, director of the Proscenium Players production.

The play will be staged Fridays and Saturdays at the Brewery Arts Center from through Feb. 28.

The plot centers on legendary Holly wood producer David O. Selznick, played by Jim Godwin. He has just fired the director of “Gone with the Wind” and the script needs a rewrite. The writer he wants, Ben Hecht, played by Jason Macy, has never read the novel but is expected to write a revised screenplay by the end of the week. Selznick also pulls director Victor Fleming, played by Jody Paslov, from finishing “The Wizard of Oz” to be the new director of “Gone with the Wind.”

In “Moonlight & Magnolias,” Selznick locks the three of them in his office for five days with only bananas and peanuts to eat. By day three, fatigue, hunger and sarcasm prevail and tempers flair.

Selznick’s secretary, played by Kate Cook, comes in periodically to restock the trio’s bananas and peanuts, with hilarious interactions.

“(The play) has its thoughtful moments too,” Chandler added, as the writers discuss serious topics such as slavery and Hitler’s move through Europe.

Despite taking place in an office, the set created for the Proscenium Players production is elaborate, including lead ed glass panes.

“It’s one of the most beautiful sets Carson has seen in quite awhile,” Chandler said.

“I can’t even remember when I’ve been this pleased with a show. It’s been so much fun. We laughed through the whole thing while getting serious work done.”