Motorcyclist receives minor injuries in Pleasant Valley crash |

Motorcyclist receives minor injuries in Pleasant Valley crash

Staff report

A motorcyclist sustained minor injuries Thursday evening when he went down on Highway 395 in Pleasant Valley.

Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Greg Moore said the 18-year-old man from Reno lost his front brake and was ejected off the motorcycle while trying to stop for traffic that was backed up from an earlier incident.

Moore said William Wharton was saved by his riding gear, a full-face helmet and riding jacket with pads.

“He was lucky we were already on scene and were able to quickly establish traffic control,” Moore said. “He came to rest in the fast lane of northbound 395.”

His 2003 Triumph motorcycle slid 187 feet.

Troopers were on scene waiting for a tow truck after the driver of a 1998 Oldsmobile was taken to the hospital after nearly going into a diabetic coma while driving.

Moore said they were called for a reckless, possibly drunken driver who was running people off the road and driving into oncoming traffic.

“A unit went after her, and she had no control of herself,” Moore said. “She was southbound in the northbound lane. We had permission to take legal intervention when she stopped.

“She was just conscious enough to pull her car into the center lane and stop.”

Legal intervention is when troopers intentionally crash into a vehicle to disable it before it can harm someone else.

“She was going about 10 mph,” he said.