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130 Years Ago

Portable electric light: The Portable Electric Light Company of Boston has perfected an electric light which is being introduced into private houses. It occupies the space of five square inches and weights five pounds. The chemicals are placed in a glass retort, a carbon and zinc apparatus, with a spiral platinum attachment. Pressure produces an electric current and the spiral of platinum is heated to incandescence… at the expense of only twenty-five cents a month.

120 Years Ago

Misty caravan: Jim Townsend was trying to defend a jackpot with four queens and got into an altercation… Four saloon chairs were broken over him while he lay over a hot stove… He was put to bed and spent the next few days picking buckshot out of his person then rheumatism set in, and it was thought that Jim would join the misty caravan…

70 Years Ago

Essay Contest: The Americanism essay conducted by the American Legion Auxiliary in the Carson schools on the subject of “Making American Strong” has been won by the following students: First prize, Marcelline Chartz; second prize, Patricia Norton…

50 Years Ago

Birdman: Robert Stroud, “Birdman of Alcatraz” will have a court hearing in Kansas City in a fight to preserve property rights to a book he wrote in prison, “Stroud’s Digest on Diseases of Birds,” published in 1943.

30 Years Ago

According to A. C. Neilson the top ten programs for the week ending Feb. 27 were: MASH, Alice, 60 Minutes, Dallas, Falcon, Dynasty, Three’s Co., Simon & Simon, The Jeffersons and Fantasy Island.

10 Years Ago

A race is on to see which of the two proud symbols of American Indian women’s history, Sacajawea or Sarah Winnemucca, will become the first nonwhite women to become part of the collection that honors distinguished citizens from every state in Washington, D.C…

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.