NAS Fallon re-emphasizes protocols on base |

NAS Fallon re-emphasizes protocols on base

NAS Fallon public affairs

The recent spike in COVID-19 cases across the country has also manifested itself in the local Churchill County community, as well as the surrounding counties. 

In the past two weeks, Churchill County went from 22 active cases to 142 active cases as of last week. As Naval Air Station Fallon enter the fall flu season, this will undoubtedly complicate the landscape, as there are some similarity between symptoms of the normal flu and COVID-19.  The main focus of NAS Fallon and its tenant commands is to train and provide combat readiness to units deploying downrange. 

NAS Fallon is currently in HPCON B although this may change due to the increased rate of cases being seen.  Regardless of the HPCON level, NAS Fallon will be implementing most of the HPCON C minus measures in order to enhance our COVID-19 risk mitigation measures.  Effective immediately, NAS Fallon military and civilian personnel (recommend all tenant commands follow similar suit) will implement to the maximum extent possible the following protocols:

•   Wear a cloth face covering at all times in shared/common workspaces

•   Minimize trips in the local economy to essential stops only

•   Take-out dining only (on-base and in-town)

•   On-base Warrior Fitness center active duty only

•   Avoid large crowds

•   Aggressive personal sanitation (i.e. hand washing, disinfecting surfaces, etc.)

•. Continue maximum social distancing

•   Honest self-assessment of current health (i.e., any symptoms of flu/COVID-19)

As the environment changes, NAS Fallon will relax or tighten down our mitigation measures as appropriate. This is an all hands effort and it only takes one person to come to work sick to take out an entire shop, division, work center, etc.