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NDOT says Carson quakes caused no bridge damage

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

NDOT engineers say they have found no earthquake damage to the bridges in the Carson City/south Reno area.

A 4.5 magnitude earthquake was reported Friday night in the Prison Hill area. A number of aftershocks were reported as well.

A spokesman said certified bridge inspection teams inspected 32 bridges for possible damage to columns, beams and decks in the wake of Friday’s quakes. Drainage pipes, culverts extending 20 feet of more beneath roadways were also inspected.

NDOT inspects the majority of bridges in Nevada, not only state owned but city and county bridges as well.

NDOT officials point out that Nevada bridges have been ranked as some of the nation’s best for the past six years. A federal inventory rates just 1.4 percent of Nevada’s nearly 2,000 public bridges. That is far lower than the national average of 7.6 percent.

The spokesman pointed out that bridges rated as in poor condition are not necessarily unsafe or dangerous. They instead are scheduled for corrective measures and possible weight restrictions on vehicles using them. The majority of bridges are inspected every two years. Newer bridges are inspected every four years. Those with more extensive deterioration are inspected much more often.