Nevada AG Ford raises concerns about federal opioid rules |

Nevada AG Ford raises concerns about federal opioid rules

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

Attorney General Aaron Ford has raised concerns about new federal laws dealing with pain management prescriptions — opioids.

He said the Centers for Disease Control suggests providers can rely on their own judgment instead of consulting evidence-based recommendations.

“By doing so, it weakens recommendations for opioid prescription duration and dosage,” he said.

He said too many Nevadans have seen the devastating effect unfettered opioid distribution and prescription has had.

“With this letter, I’m expressing our collective concern that the well-established risks associated with higher doses of opioids, prescriptions of longer duration and concurrent prescriptions of opioids demand continued restraints,” Ford said.

He said federal agencies haven’t provided a reason for departing from evidence-based guidelines and don’t explicitly state there’s no completely safe opioid dosage.

In raising those concerns, Ford joins a coalition of 38 attorneys general in sending a letter to the federal Department of HHS.