Nevada coronavirus cases approaching 41,000 |

Nevada coronavirus cases approaching 41,000

As of Friday, Nevada has recorded 40,885 cases of the coronavirus, an increase of 966 cases since Thursday.

Of those, 791 were in Clark County , a hair under 82 percent of the total.

Nearly all the remaining cases, 124 were in Washoe with just 51 cases in the state’s remaining 15 counties.

Of the total number of confirmed cases, 35,000 are in Clark County. Clark also has the state’s highest death rate per 100,000 residents at 25.5 with 592 of people deceased. The percentage of positive cases among those tested is 11.1.

Washoe County’s rate is 22 per 100,000 with 105 deaths thus far among 4,456 positive cases. In Washoe, the positive rate is just 7 percent.

In Carson City, there are 267 cases of the virus and the positivity rate is just 2.7 percent. There have been seven deaths in the capital.

Douglas County has reported zero deaths so far among the 121 cases identified there. The positivity rate there is 4.1 percent.

Churchill County has only 38 cases at this point and one death. The positivity rate there is only 1.2 percent of those tested.

According to the Nevada Health Response website, cases are growing at a rate of 3 percent for the seven-day period ending July 23.

Given that cases are still increasing despite the re-imposition of stricter controls on bars, restaurants and other businesses as well as requiring people to wear masks in public, Gov. Steve Sisolak says it is still extremely important to social distance, avoid large groups and maintain hygiene practices.