Nevada governor signs directive prohibiting evictions |

Nevada governor signs directive prohibiting evictions

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau
Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak discusses measures to help the public with housing stability amid the COVID-19 public health crisis at the Grant Sawyer Building in Las Vegas, Sunday, March 29, 2020.
(Rachel Aston/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP, Pool)

Gov. Steve Sisolak has signed an emergency directive prohibiting evictions because of the novel coronavirus.

“This directive is intended to keep people in their homes at a time when we are encouraging all Nevadans to stay home,” he said. “This is not the time to put people out on the streets. This is also not the time to evict small business owners who have been hit hard by the economic fallout of this pandemic.”

He was joined by Treasurer Zach Conine who spelled out some options for people to take advantage of the 90- day grace period for making mortgage payments being offered by most lending institutions. He said they have also agreed to work with customers to ensure no one is hit with a large lump sum payment if they delay making payments for a couple of months.

Finally, Attorney General Aaron Ford said his office is providing a total of $2 million in settlement funds to help United Way provide emergency food and shelter programs. He promised more details on the plan in coming days.

Sisolak said he is confident the decisions he has made through that growing list of emergency directives will save lives. But he said it is not lost on him that those decisions have shut down many small businesses and casinos putting thousands of hospitality workers out of work.

“Although necessary for the health of our communities, the sudden shut down of the industries that make up the lifeblood of our economy has created immense hardship,” he said.

He said the only exception to the eviction rule is that landlords can evict dangerous tenants who pose a threat to other residents, the public or property.