Nevada Legislature panel to OK spending $6.25 million for pandemic |

Nevada Legislature panel to OK spending $6.25 million for pandemic

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

Following up on the emergency Board of Examiners meeting held Wednesday by the governor, the Legislature has scheduled a meeting of the Interim Finance Committee for Tuesday, April 7 at 10 a.m.

The agenda for that meeting is focused solely on the two appropriations to pay for the purchase of emergency supplies related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The two total $6.25 million from the Disaster Relief Account, about half the total amount of money in that account.

A $1.25 million appropriation will pay the state’s share of the Federal Emergency Management Agency grant to purchase emergency supplies. The $5 million grant/loan from the account will do the same but is structured so that the state may be reimbursed some of that funding from the federal government.

The money will pay for respirators for critical care health workers, surgical masks for first responders, public safety personnel and others, gloves, gowns, hand sanitizers and other supplies as well as virus test kits and equipment for the state’s two public health labs to test for the virus.

The meeting will be held as a virtual meeting with public access through the Internet at the legislative website,