Nevada now has over 2 million registered voters |

Nevada now has over 2 million registered voters

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

Nevada added 30,000 registered voters in November, but the list of active voters grew by more than 44,000 as people contacted their clerks to get off the inactive list and make sure they could vote in the presidential election.

The state had 2,062,466 total voters, 1,821,356 of them on the active roll.

Democrats still have a huge lead in registrations — 762,460 total voters to 653,429 in total voters and 679,332 to 591,916 actives.

In Nevada, the third largest block of voters is the non-partisan group with 503,981 total registered and 430,635 actives.

Independent Americans number 94,445 total voters and 94,406 actives. After that the minor parties account for just over 47,000 Nevadans and some 37,000 active voters.

Carson City has 39,850 total registered voters, 37,480 active and Douglas County 44,186 and 38,917 active. Churchill County has 17,382 total voters, 15,802 on the active list.