Nevada retailers: Fewer trick-or-treaters but more spending |

Nevada retailers: Fewer trick-or-treaters but more spending

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

A survey by the Nevada Association of Retailers says there will be fewer people celebrating Halloween this year than last because of concerns about the coronavirus.

That number fell from 68 percent last year to 58 percent this year.

But the survey also indicates that the average spending per person will increase by about $6 this year to $92.12.

Altogether, RAN projects Nevadans will spend $128.7 million on decorations, costumes and sweets. That includes $41.8 million on costumes this year with witches and vampires remaining the most popular. That edges out home decorations that are projected at $41.4 million this year.

Surveyors found that 95 percent of adults plan to purchase candy this year — a total of $38.5 million worth — and just under half plan to carve a pumpkin.

Bryan Wachter of RAN said he expects Nevadans will find creative ways to distribute treats while maintaining social distancing and incorporating masks into costumes.